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Melissa’s Song

17 Oct

It started with a series of furtive glances in romantic English Lit, back around 1992. That led to a chance meeting at the hospital, where I was bringing a friend with a broken nose.

Soon after, it led to a walk through the Baltimore aquarium, and the sudden, shared realization that Peter Gabriel might be Jesus.

Eventually it would lead to Ireland… and Istanbul… and counseling… and recovery… and loss and boon… and new life… and now a puppy who enjoys chewing on expensive things.

The “it” I’m talking about is the flame I’ve carried for a certain German-Irish woman for 18 years now. It has diminished in brightness a few times, and almost went out as the storms of life lashed our coastline again and again.

But now it’s burning bright, and finally, I’ve decided to write a song about it.

As Melissa might say: “It’s about time!” And she’d be right. So here’s the song… Melissa’s Song: