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Sometimes Angels Cry

6 Feb

You ever notice that love – if it last more than about three days – becomes extremely complicated?

You often hear it, raw, in the best love songs.  And when it comes to love songs, the more codependent, the better.

The more the singer “needs” the other person, the more they will die without them, the more soul-bared and pain-wracked, the better!

If you were to psychoanalyze songs like people, love songs would probably be the most screwed up – and they’d certainly be your longest-term clients.  But as my brother and musical shaman Tim once said: “Hey, you know, being totally screwed up isn’t always a bad thing.  It’s just life.”

Love that guy.

Anyway, it’s time to throw another log on the long-song pile.

This one is of the more complicated variety – certainly not about the early stages, or as my father would probably refer to it, “pitching woo.”

No, this is about two grizzled veterans of the love scene, a man and a woman who are off on separate paths for awhile, to see what they might find in the dark woods.

You get the sense that ultimately, they’ll bump heads as they stroll ponderously down the dark paths, the darkened corners of their psyches, where their deepest needs and wants reside.

One would hope anyway.

The thing I think is important is: No matter what paths we take with respect to our loved ones and our love lives, that we always keep in mind the preciousness on the other end of the equation – even if that preciousness currently appears as a fire-breathing gorgon.

I should add that this is my first attempt to write a contemporary-sounding country song.  And that I am happy to include some Dobro licks in here.

Wherever you are right now, I send some love your way too.  Thanks for listening.