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Warm in Winter

15 Jan

We have not experienced winter in five years.

In Florida, winter is when you finally break out of the air conditioning and head for the beach, or the fishing pier, or the outdoor concert, or the art show.

In Maryland, winter is when you go to the movies, and build fires, and walk in the woods with your dog, and build snowmen in the back yard.

I must say, it’s good to be back.  And I’m not quite sure why I am liking this profound weather change so much.  Driving to work beneath a low-slung canopy of grey clouds and swirling mist puts me in a great mood.  I’m weird.  What can I say?  It’s nice to drink hot tea again without the assistance of air conditioning.

Do I miss the Florida weather yet?  No.  But check with me in about a month.  Still, the torturous final days of winter are the price you pay for the first, glorious days of 60s weather.  That’s when you open the windows on a Tuesday afternoon, playing hooky from work, and just smell the fresh April air wafting into the room.

Meanwhile, here we are.  Winter.  It’s thirty-something degrees outside.  It’s breezy.  It’s dark.

I haven’t breathed air conditioning for weeks, and I’m feeling a bit stronger for it.

There’s something about the cold that allows you to appreciate the contrasting warmth of a cup of coffee, or a good dog at your feet.  I enjoy smoking cigars in the cold, as the smoke floats thinner and more fragrant on the clean air of winter.  Warm baths, and warm lights, and conversations by the fire, or in bed.  Without winter, they would be occasional indulgences, or even eccentricities.

But winter gives them context, and justification and even an air of deserved necessity.

I’m in a mood.  A winter night mood.  The days have grown short, and the nights long and moonlit, and clear.  You can hear a dog bark from three neighborhoods away, and as the evening wears on, families come inside and congregate around their tables, and pass the soup and bread, and sometimes – if they’re feeling a sense of obligation to a past they dearly need – they say the grace.

The spirit of the evening has helped me to sit down and compose a new song.  It feels how I’m feeling, for what that is worth.  I hope you enjoy it, wherever you are.