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Hippy@Heart (for J.J.)

26 Aug

I heard a great quote from Forrest Griffin the other day.

Griffin is probably one of the greatest MMA fighters of all time. He’s a pretty sharp guy, as well. And he said something like: Hell is dying and meeting the person you were supposed to become. Or something along those lines.

I suppose we all wonder, at times, if we’re living the exact lives we were meant to live. I used to wonder about that most of the time. (This was back before my first midlife crisis.) Not so these days…

But you always wonder if you could be living a little truer to your true self (whatever that means, right?).

Maybe this song has to do with that – the discrepancy between who we wanted to be growing up, and who we’ve become… and who we still CAN become if we make some decisions and take some actions.

Quick side note/warning: This song contains a harmonica solo. I have to thank my Dad for giving me the harmonica collection as a Christmas gift last year! I finally put it to use!

Regardless, I hope you enjoy the new tune, Hippy@Heart (for J.J.).